Monday, April 30, 2007

G001 - અગનપંખી (The Mystery Of Gandor) - May 1966

ગેન્ડોર દેવ ના પ્રકોપ થી લોકો ને કોણ બચાવશે?

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Note: I am starting a new trend of giving Read Comic Online link to the comic album instead of posting thumbnail of each page here and using MediaFire to host Zip comics instead of RapidShare. Because it is more comfortable to upload comics as albums and it is more comfotable to download from MediaFire without any time limitations unlike RapidShare where you have to wait if you don't have a paid account. Hope everybody likes it!


Atma said...

Hey Kit,

Good work man.
I am happy to see a Gujarati Blog for the same. I knew that Indrajal used to come in Gujarati but I could not find one any where.

I was happy to see the language used there. It is really decent and worth reading not like Diamond comics which has bad language in Gujarati Comics.

You are doing good work. Keep going.

Good luck for future work.

Atma said...

Hi Kit,

Nam chalshe ne.
I saw your comment on CW.
I did not want other to get disturbed by our communication so thought of replying you here.

I have been a visitor of TCP for almost two years now and CW since It started.

It was only during this disturbance on the TCP and CW that I was forced to have a blog id.

I have my own blog. Where I try out different things like movie review, Gujarati sayaries by me and from any one else. Your word of critisism will encourage me.

You can leave comments there and we can discuss.

Thanks for the phantom blog. It is a real good work you are doing.
Keep it up.
Try to post one comics per week. (though I will be checking your site atleast twice a day. :-) )

Col. Worobu said...

Good work! Welcome to the TCP & CW club of Indrajal scanners!

Kit Walker said...

Hey! thank you all! Thank you very much

and i am really very sorry! how can i be so silly? i forgot that i had moderation on and forgot to accept comments :D
normally i wouldn't keep it on but i've seen some disturbance going on so better be cautious, what do you say?

@col. worobu: thank you very much col. worobu

@atma : yep I have atleast 30 comics in gujarati. My grandpa gave 'em to my dad, and my dad gave them to me. (Sounds familiar? he he!)
And yes! nam ekdam chalshe!
i'll see you on your blog.

atma said...

#kit: hi man, u doing simply a gr8 job!....i also have some gujju indrajals as well, but never told others as even my gujju frnds r more interest 2 read comics/books in hindi/english over guj!! ....but after ur & another 'atma'(think he's 2nd atma as i'm here frm dec'06) sites on gujju languages think there'll atlst few pple 2 whom i can share my gujju-affinity & literature...keep posting :D)

Kit Walker said...

definitely atma! I will be very glad if you share your Gujarati Indrajaal.

i have a "junoon" to make Gujarati Sahitya online. I am obsessed. i am not much into literature, but at least trying to post whatever I can. And the 1st thing came into my mind was phantom comics. I actually STARTED my extra reading with phantom comics.

I still remember those days when I though about being in africa. I even dreamed about it. Ha ha, those childhood days! They make life worth living.

John said...

#kit: nice comic man, i read only a 5/6 indrajals in keep posting gujju indrajals regularly, bye mate.

dara said...

@kit: i mentioned ur site in my blog, think ur site will bcom a major hit within a month..bye mate.

atma said...

#kit:can u give me ur list of indrajals? after sort out the doubles i can send u the scans..will wait 4 ur reply.

Kit Walker said...

My collection of Gujarati Indrajal mainly includes the comics from 1966 to 1968, where as the English collection includes miscellaneous comics. I also have some Hindi Phantom (Diamond Comics), but they're quite boring.

The Comic Project said...

awesome :-)

Apurva said...

Bhukkaa Bolaayaa boss!!
This stuff is kickass!!
Years ago as a kid I still remember reading
"Kaluga-no Kaalmukho"
the only gujarati phantom comics I ever read. I was a sucker for Indrajal but had to stick to Hindi.
BTW, I am glad you are obsessed with putting gujarati literature on net, I was like you 10 years ago and we made a gujarati poems website, which is now in tatters thanks to me,
but still has some professional authors poems.
Let me know your email address and keep in touch, since we share that obsession (you are doing something about it, I am not).
(please remove all the "-"s)
I would get tons of spam otherwise.

send me an email, we will talk more about everything from saving "bakor patel" on internet to other cool stuff that we ever read in gujarati.

Apurva said...

bhukka bolaaya boss!!
I still remember the only gujarati phantom I read: "Kaaluga-no Kaalmukho"..
PLease scan as many as you can!
I am going to print and bind this stuff!!

I was also obsessed 10 years ago about putting gujarati literature on line. now my site is in tatters.

Please contact me if you can and we will talk more everything from "Bakor Patel" to "saraswatichandra".
my email is
(please remove the "-"s
I did that to avoid spam).

Kit Walker said...

@Apurva: I am definitely going to upload as much as I can, starting with the Phantom comics.
and i saw your website, too. WAH USTAAD WAH!
have you seen atma's blog? he's similar tastes. you'll definitely like it.