Monday, May 7, 2007

G002 - સુંદરીઓ નું ષડ્યંત્ર (The Girls) - Aug 1966

અહીં તો પ્રણય ત્રિકોણ નહીં પ્રણય ચતુષ્કોણ છે..

It's not a love-triangle.. It's a love-rectangle.. With a whole new angle..

This is one of my favorites! It is about love and jealousy! Poor Kit!

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atma said...

#kit:hey dude, do u face problem in scanning???? some pages r bented at the end & impossible 2 read that part......plse keep straight the pages while scanning, BTWN , 'tis a nice comic!

Kit Walker said...

No yaar! Actually most of the comics are very old and were kept alive thru book-binding! That's the reason! The part which joins the pages is lost in the binding process!

Sorry for the inconvenience. I am doing what I can to preserve most of it.

atma said...

mann! u done scans frm bindings!!!.....scanning frm old bindings only worsen it's condition ,isnt it??...but yet u done it 4 sake of other gujju-bros, so hats off 2 u...bye

dara said...

kit, i,ve a quary: is gujju indrajals r published frm very bgining i.e. MAR'64 like hindi & english? thnx

The Comic Project said...

And excellent idea -
read the comic online
download the comic

Kit Walker said...

@cw & atma: thanks buddies!

@dara: gujarati comics started from Jan 1965. i.e. Issue #1 of Guj. is Issue#11 of English, & so on.

Kit Walker said...

@TCP: thanks buddy!
at first i tried to post each page one by one, but then i got tired. So i googled and found out hotlinkfiles.

atma said...

#kit: hi frnd, how r u man??? now i give the list of my gujju indrajal phantom here; lets see if it can help anyway(actually i've some 14 MANDRAKE, 7/8 FLASH & BAHADUR each comics in gujju as well , but as ur blog is only on PHANTOM so i'm going 2 mention here only PHANTOM comics) No.(according to guj publication):[total 24] 59(1968),121, 144, 146, 156, 191, 235, 252,253,267,289, 305, 309,310,371,432 Vol.No.:22-25, 22-38, 22-46, 24-8(repeat version of no.8 in english i.e. not published in guj then),24-25,27,40,44 ....tat's the list of my indrajal in guj

Comic Guy said...

Nice work buddy to start posting of indrajals in regional language also..although i dnt know gujrati much but would love to read IJC in it.

atma said...

Hey Kit, I found a way to track the IP address of the abusive poster(s) in your blog comments section.

Once we get the IP, it will be possible to do a 'whois' and find the ISP of the perpetrator and lodge a complaint. We can also lodge a complaint with Google, who own blogspot and can possibly block the abuser from accessing the this way we can BLOCK the DISTURBER(S)...what say?