Tuesday, May 15, 2007

G003 - ગોઝારા કાદવ ના ડાકુઓ (The Deadly Swamp) - Sep 1966

Sorry friends for the low frequency of posting comics as I am very much busy with my professional life. That's why i am posting this comic with 2 stories along with an english comic on my other blog http://legendofthephantom.blogspot.com

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atma said...

#kit: nice comic...& dont worry abt the frequency, just keep posting.....BTWN, u didnt yet reply 2 my comic-list!! :D)

Kit Walker said...

oh sure! sorry i was busy. and about your comics, i have already told you i will be glad if you share your links with me. Just send me the share link (preferably mediafire AND hotlinkfiles) of those not published on TCP/CW.
My Email is

Atma said...

Great going kit.

Chalu rakh. aa Gujarati na nam keva fundu, daramana ane vichitra lage che.

Saru kam kare che keep going. And thanks for your comments on the poem. These days I am picking up few melodies sung by Manhar Udhas. I equally have few sung by Mukesh which will be coming next week.

Comic Guy said...

Kit..here is a suggestion..can you put the cover page of the comic on the main page of the blog as it will enhance the look of the blog..!

Kit Walker said...

@comic guy: shubh kam me deri kyun? ;-)

@atma: thanks. you are right. ha ha. gujarati ma namo vanchi ne maja ave chhe!

Comic Guy said...

Nice to see the phantom enigmatic pic in your profile and new look with purple background is awesome..also scan of the cover page on main page has added to its color..keep it up as long as you can...best wishes

Kit Walker said...

@comic guy: thanks dear. and about the cover-page, it was your idea indeed so બધો શ્રેય તને જાય છે! ;)

Kit Walker said...

I feel the phantom pic in the profile looks enigmatic/mysterious and his expressions somewhat smug, that of a wise-guy, as if he knows everything and is going to strike at any time.

His eyes (although masked) seems penetrating and electric. The over-all look is very magnetic and powerful.

I don't know whether it suits the traditional phantom personality or not, but it certainly suits my zodiac profile [Aquarius With Scorpio Rising]. Aquarians are known for their Electric & Enigmatic Personality and Scorpions are known for being Magnetic & Mysterious. This picture definitely shows an Electro-Magnetic Personality!

atma said...

@kit: what happen man?? u 1st post my comments & then delet them??

Kit Walker said...

@atma without profile:
i posted our (yours, and my replies) comments 4 fun but did not want others to get DISTURBED by it.. that's why..